Forward with Frontline

We’ve been exhausted with reports on the city’s struggle these last dreary months – hardly a motivating read for the early morning commute (partnered with the late night return home). When confronted with this constant negative grumble, it’s only too easy to lose sight of the drive we initially set out with.

Set on a mission to motivate and inspire leaders and teams alike, Fieri, a London based leadership and development consultancy, have formed a team of ex-military personnel and other inspirational individuals who have achieved commendable success post injury or whilst fighting long-term illnesses.

Fieri have developed these veterans to become motivational speakers and leadership and development consultants for a series of Frontline motivational speaking events. Co-founder of Fieri and wounded ex-captain of the HM parachute regiment, Martin Hewitt explains quite simply: “We believe our speakers’ stories are powerful and we strive to share them.”

The launch of Fieri’s Frontline venture, with their ambition to invest in the individual, their role within a team, and the wider community, coincides with today’s need for the city of London to re-build trust in society. Organizations are looking to invest in re-building team moral in their heightened responsibility to uphold integrity.

Fieri Frontline speakers and consultants will be showcasing a free Frontline: An Evening of Inspiration event at The Gibson Hall on Wednesday 26 March. Speakers will share their stories on overcoming adversity through completing world first expeditions and achieving world records. Guest host, David Buik, market analyst and commentator on global financial issues, will be compering the evening, and there will be an opportunity to interact with the speakers during the audience Q&A, which has been scheduled in the evening’s agenda.

If you would like to show your support for the Frontline speakers and you’re keen to learn from their experiences, please reserve your tickets at the Fieri ticket booking site: Tickets are free but are limited to availability. Doors will open for the evening at 6.30. Alternatively please get in touch to find out more from Fieri’s Marketing Manager:


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