Chuka blasts UKIP and Tory ‘sulking’

Likely future Labour leader Chuka Umunna and one of the parties most pro-EU MPs has criticised both UKIP and the Tories over their policy towards the EU. Speaking at the CBI’s President’s Dinner, the Shadow Business Secretary branded UKIP as anti-business and criticised “sulky victimhood and obstruction – seeing problems not opportunities”; an implicit criticism of Tory policy. Of course Labour have yet to back an EU referendum, a policy supported by the majority of business leaders. However, with the way the euro crisis is going, even a potential future Labour government may find holding one unavoidable.


This comment on last night’s gala dinner was passed on to me!


Since I cannot get a single senior Labour politician to come and engage with Panmure Gordon or any other forum to discuss their plans for this bastion of business, I now feel released from the chains of bondage for being level-headed, balanced and engaging towards the possibility of a Labour government. I see them as being hostile towards business, acrimonious and spiteful towards the City, comprehensively failing to engage with anyone apart from bank chairman and CEOS – Pathetic! In passing there is little evidence that Mr Miliband is pro-business.  If he is he has a funny way of showing it. There’s plenty of stick out there and not many carrots!


For Mr Umunna to brandish UKIP as anti-business is so far of the mark – No! I don’t vote UKIP! Just because Farage has greater vision for UK PLC than the EU, he is unfairly castigated. “CHUKA CONTINUES TO SNEER AT THE FOE, RATHER THAN ENGAGE WITH THEM!” The nation is sick and tired of the politics of negativity, which from Labour it has in spades.  By the time of the election, voters will be drowning in it!  In 50 years of observing politics in this country and I can never remember such a disparity in intellect between Conservatives and Labour. Most of Labour’s front bench are lightweight by comparison to their Tory counterparts. Where are the Benns, Crossmans, Croslands, Castles, Wilsons, Callaghans, Shores, Foots etc! Few of the existing members hold a candle to these giants of old!


David Buik

Market Commentator


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Panmure Gordon & Co  One New Change | London | EC4M 9AF | United Kingdom


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