Company 22nd June 2015 27th August 2015 % fall
GOOGLE $475 $358 -24.6%
APPLE $127 $111 -12.6%
WALMART $73 $65 -10.9%
EXXON MOBIL $85 $74 -10.6%
McDONALDS $97 $95 -2.1%
MICROSOFT $46 $43 -6.5%
JP MORGAN CHASE $69 $63 -8.7%


And the winner is……. NEXT PLC!


Company 22nd June 2015 27th August 2015 % fall
RIO 2770p 2312 -16.5%
BHP BILLITON 1346p 1078p -19.9%
ANGLO AMERICAN 995p 710p -28.6%
GLENCORE 273p 141p -48.3%
BP 439p 346p -21.2%
SHELL 1875p 1634p -12.9%
PREMIER 157p 99p -36.9%
TULLOW 366p 202p -44.8%
CENTRICA 280p 241p -13.9%
BG GROUP 1093p 950p -13.1%
HSBC 602p 517p -14.1%
STANDARD CHARTERED 1062p 753p -29.1%
RBS 355p 334p -5.9%
LLOYDS 87p 77p -11.5%
BARCLAYS 272p 263p -3.3%
GLAXO 1377p 1322p -4%
ASTRA 4242p 4051p -4.5%
SHIRE 5325p 4985p -6.4%
TESCO 214p 190p -11.2%
MARKS & SPENCER 549p 520p -5.3%
NEXT 7450p 7895p +5.9%
VODAFONE 239p 225p -5.8%
BT GROUP 465p 435p -6.4%
SKY 1074p 1037p -3.4%
REED ELSEVIER 1071p 1037p -3.3%
ITV 269p 249p -7.4%
BRITISH AMERICAN 3593p 3462p -3.6%
IMPERIAL TOBACCO 3247p 3126p -3.7%


Oh the grand old Duke of York, he had 10k men! – Up, up and away!


Well on the back of a decent performance in New York last night, a strong follow through in Asia, a bumper revision for GDP for the year in the US of 3.7%, the FTSE 100 almost went in to orbit this afternoon. With a few minutes to go – enough certainly for the programme trade geeks to spoil it – It was up 3.8% at 6206 (+228 points). The oils +5-6% and miners +7-9% were the standard bearers, leading the charge with banks hotly in pursuit followed by consumer stocks such as Diageo +3.5%, Reckitt Benckiser +3% and SAB Miller +2.7%.


I just thought I would attach a list of performances of some stocks mainly in the UK over the past 2 months. Even taking in to account today’s rally, there has been some visible financial carnage, exacerbated by the huge influence played by HFT, algorithms, and programme trading. Hopefully next week, a sense of proportion will prevail, though equities are likely to be volatile for some time. Note the amazing performance of NEXT through all this turmoil. What an outstanding performance by Lord Simon Wolfson and his team.



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